Accessories for well construction

AccessoriesAdapter subs, nozzles and couplings in accordance with standards:

  • GOST 631 "Internal-external upset drill with couplings"
  • GOST 632 "Casing pipes with couplings"
  • GOST 633 "Tubing pipes and couplings for them"
  • GOST 5286 "Drilling tool joints"
  • API Spec 5CT Specification for casing and tubing ISO 11960
  • API Spec 5B Specification for threading, gauging and thread inspection of casing, tubing and line pipes threads

AccessoriesProducts with premium threaded connections:

  • ТМК – FMC, FMT, PF, PF-ET, GF, СWB, Magna, Green Well
  • Voestalpine – VAGT, VA-Superior, VA-Roughneck
  • ChTPZ (Chelyabinsk Tube Rolling Plant) – ChT-VT, ChT-VC
  • Grand Pridco – HT, XT
Production on cooperation:

Threaded connections:

  • VAM-TOP, JFE Bear, JFE Fox, Tenaris Blue